Saturday, 8 May 2010

Story so far...

Okay, so, I got my puppet master up and running -- Just. I had some SSL problems, which I had to fix by nuking the SSL directories a few times. I can't recall just now how I did it, but I think I show put that in my blog at some point.

Anyway! My puppet master is called, ... and it a CentOS 5.4 base, and it's test client is called

Now, my first challenge, I need to figure out how to setup a default user list -- which gets assigned to every linux box.

I better get reading....


  1. It's a real agony waiting for people to sign up to this thing! Well, I've gotta wait!

  2. Maybe you should call the machine puppet instead of puppetmaster or add a puppet CNAME, because puppet by default searches for a host called 'puppet'.